The IPE society is a pioneering, award-winning, inter-university society across Aberdeen & Robert Gordon Universities. We have been the largest academic society the past few years. Interprofessional education is a key outcome emphasised by all regulators of healthcare professions. The IPE society promotes interprofessional learning by facilitating opportunities for health care students to come together in a team based and practical setting. All events are student lead and structured to address a specific topic with students from each health care profession leading workshops to explore their profession's role within the scenario.   
So whether you want to learn from your peers and other healthcare, social and science students or jump into the deep end and teach at our events. We are the society for you!

RGU President: Vivien Yu
AU President: Luke Boden
RGU Vice-President: Nicola Will
AU Vice-President: Jie Fei Lau
Treasurer: Glenn Davie
Secretary: Stuart Welsh 
Social representative: Derya Hyusein

Regular events include:
Aberdeen’s IPE society typically organises around 4 academic events and 2 social events each year. Just some of events that we have organised the past two years are...    
Journey of a Stroke Patient
Management of COPD
Could it be Sepsis
Journey of a Surgical Patient   
These events have involved just some of the following activities: suturing, preparing blood smear slides, cannulation, testing out stroke rehabilitation activities, dementia simulations and COPD simulations. Our events are led by students from different disciplines across RGU and Aberdeen University. It’s attended by 100 - 150 students per event.    
We also raise money for a local Aberdeen charity Charlie's House at our social events.   
This year due to Covid we are in the middle of running the first inter-university IPE social media campaign centred around communication!

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