We are RGU's IHI open school patient safety chapter, a society open for all students who are interested in promoting patient safety, particularly within a healthcare setting.  Usually we host 4 informative events on campus each year, focusing on different aspects of patient safety- with past events including emergency situations, sexual health, allergies and drug overdoses. These events allow you to learn valuable information from external speakers, volunteers, and other RGU students. IHI is a fantastic society to be a member of to boost your knowledge and to help with writing CPD entries.  We also usually host a number of social events throughout the year which include pub quizzes, Christmas dinner and charity fundraiser events. These events provide the opportunity for our members to meet other students from their own course as well as from a variety of different courses.  
Of course, this year things will run a little differently, with our usual on campus events being tweaked to be online instead. We've got lots of ideas and plans to run these events through platforms such as zoom/microsoft teams, whilst still keeping them interactive and engaging!! Whether we are on campus or not throughout the year, IHI will provide you many opportunities to meet other students and participate in university life as we would under normal circumstances. 
Our membership costs £5 a year, and gives you access to every event we host.

President: Martha Gilmore
Vice-President: Derya Hyusein
Secretary: Anna Fitzpatrick

Regular events include:
We regularly run both academic and social events throughout the year. Previous academic events include:
Naloxone training
Sexual health
Paediatric learning disabilities
Allergies and anaphylaxis etc.
Previous social events include:
Pub quiz and Christmas dinner at Vodka Revolution
Scavenger hunt
Bake sales - some of which are also fundraising events to raise money for our chosen charity "Charlie House".

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