Building Information Modeling (BIM) is quickly becoming standard in the construction industry as increased pressure is placed on companies to design and build projects in a more efficient and collaborative way. 
BIM Lounge, in its founding year, is a new society for architectural and built environment students looking to broaden and enhance their understanding and knowledge of the various BIM packages. The BIM Lounge is also a platform for students to communicate and share information across all years and areas of study.  
A weekly seminar, lecture or workshop will be hosted to present various tools which will improve workflow during current and future projects. Guest speakers will be invited to talk about specific software and their experiences of BIM in the professional environment. If possible, social events may be organised where students can network within the society as after all, an aim of BIM is to enhance communication skills.  If you have any enquiries or would like to know more, please contact us by email or by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.

President: Callum McChesney
Vice-President: Dominic McDermid
Treasurer: Blair MacAskill
Secretary & Social Media Officer: Millie Adie 
Student Mentor (Dynamo/Grasshopper): Samuel Thomlinson 
Student Mentor (SketchUp): Michael McEwan and Jonathan Miller 
Student Mentor (Revit): Dominic McDermid 

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