Co-Presidents: Gemma Henderson and Rachel Mcloughlin

We are RGU's IHI open school patient safety chapter, a society open for all students who are interested in promoting patient safety, particularly within a healthcare setting.

We host 4 informative events each year on campus, focusing on a different aspect of patients safety - with past events including emergency situations, mental health and pregnancy. These events allow you to learn valuable information from external speakers, volunteers and even RGU students and is a fantastic society to be a member of to boost your CV and CPD entries.

We also host several social events throughout the year including pub quizzes, society Christmas dinner and charity fundrasier events. Our social events give the opportunity for our members to meet other students from a variety of different courses.

Our membership is £5 for the year which gives you access to every event we host as well as a Revolution Card. A Revolution Card gives you 50% off food in the Revolution Bar on Belmont Street in Aberdeen as well as amazing discounts on cocktails and drinks!

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