Established in 2014, RGU Lacrosse prides itself on being a mixed, all-inclusive and welcoming club that offers focused training sessions for individuals of any ability – ranging from beginners to those who are more experienced.  The current members of RGU Lacrosse are extremely keen to welcome new players and are dedicated to sharing knowledge both surrounding skills and rules of Lacrosse in general.  With training sessions that cater for all, the sessions are both fitness based and informative as well as being fun.  Last year the Women’s team played a variety of both competitive and friendly matches, developing their ability and the Men’s team came second in the Scottish League – a huge accomplishment. The upcoming year will mean that mixed training times are Monday evenings from 8.30pm-10.00pm at Rubislaw Pitches. The combination of our training and regular socials ensures that RGU Lacrosse provides many opportunities to meet new people.  Feel free to contact RGU Lacrosse on any of our social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook – we look forward to welcoming all new members regardless of previous experience!

Preisdent: Sarah Firth
Vice-President: Emma Johnston
Womens Captain: Akiko Ballantyne 
Womens Vice Captain: Rhona Bain 
Social and Fundraiser: Abigail Cameron and Liam du Maurier  

Regular events include:
Regular socials
Weekly training sessions
Christmas Meal
Granite City
Blues Ball 


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