Freshers Week 2019 - Welfare Squad Members

JOB TITLE:   Freshers Week 2019 - Welfare Squad Members (6 vacancies)
DEPARTMENT:   Students' Union (Shift locations vary across the city centre)
HOURS OF WORK:   4 shifts (11pm - 3/4am)
RATE & TERM:   £9.00 / hour (Fixed Term: 7th-15th Sept)
ACCOUNTABLE TO:   Student Advice Co-ordinator

Starting university, moving away from home, and becoming a Fresher can be a daunting experience for some people. We are looking to build a small team to support any new students who may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed, helping them to have the best possible start to their time at RGU. By joining the Freshers Welfare Squad, you can help make sure they’re safe, able to get home, and know they have someone looking out for them.

This paid role would suit a Social Work student or similar, or any student with a particular interest in issues around welfare and mental wellbeing.


The main duties include:

     - Providing welfare-focused support to Freshers students, assisting with queries or issues in this category.
     - Being aware of all the support services on offer through RGU: Union, RGU and the ResLife Team, and directing students to these support services where appropriate.
     - Being based in venues for evening/night-time events during the Freshers period, being a point of contact to provide information, distribute water, and look out for the welfare of Freshers.
     - Act as an ambassador for RGU: Union and RGU.
     - Assist the Freshers Team in ensuring the safety of RGU students.
     - To work with a high level of efficiency and organisation to manage and meet expectations in a fast-paced environment.

Applicable to all employees:

     - Carry out any other reasonable duties requested by the General Manager.
     - Familiarise and understand the Union Mission Statement, Objectives and Departmental Action Plans.
     - Fully understand and implement the Environmental Policy within your duties and responsibilities.
     - Use the recycling facilities in accordance within your designated area and where appropriate throughout the Student Association.

Health & Safety:

     - To take reasonable care and be aware of your legal responsibility for Fire precautions and Health & Safety at work.
     - To co-operate with employer/manager to satisfy all requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Personal Specification

Essential Requirements:

     - Current RGU Student.
     - Availability for training on Friday 6th September.
     - Ability to communicate clearly and confidently.
     - Ability to interpret instructions and direction.
     - Passion for welfare and student support.
     - Good organisational skills and time management skills, with the ability to prioritise tasks.

Desirable Requirements:

     - Experience of working as part of a team.
     - Knowledge of Aberdeen.
     - Customer Service experience.



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If you have any questions regarding this role, please contact Euan Walker (Student Development & Volunteering Co-ordinator) by emailing


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