University Rowing Aberdeen Head Coach

Full Time (Fixed term) - £29,238.94

JOB TITLE:   URA Head Coach
HOURS OF WORK:   39 hours per week
POSITION TYPE:   Full Time - Fixed Term to 31/07/22 (with potential for extension, subject to funding)
SALARY:   £29,238.94
ACCOUNTABLE TO: President of Sport and Physical Activity (RGU Students' Union) and Head of Sport (Robert Gordon University)


University Rowing Aberdeen (URA) is an exciting joint venture between Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen, supported by Scottish Rowing. URA aims to provide a high-quality training environment for student rowers in Aberdeen, bringing together the expertise and resources of both universities in the city. The URA Head Coach role will drive, develop, and deliver the URA a performance rowing programme. The primary responsibility will be the strategic development of the programme including, but not limited to: leading and delivering technical sessions, squad selection and support services to ensure optimal rowing performance.

Performance Coaching and Athlete Development

To lead on the coaching of the URA Programme, setting out structured, innovative and challenging sessions to achieve optimal rowing performance, liaising with the relevant practitioners and partners (ASV/RGU SPORT) to ensure optimal physical conditioning.

  • Establish a completion calendar which optimizes the performance potential of the URA Programme and allows opportunity for athlete progression.
  • Be responsible for researching evaluating and proposing new approaches to improve the breadth, quality, profile, efficiency and effectiveness of the URA Programme, with particular emphasis on talent identification.
  • Take responsibility, in consultation with URA student captains, for selecting rowers for the URA Programme.
  • Take responsibility, in consultation with URA student captains, to select crews to compete at local/national competitions, rowing camps and other events. Support the smooth operation of the student-led recreational rowing programme, facilitating access to equipment and facilities through efficient scheduling and providing guidance as appropriate.
  • Liaise with appropriate internal University networks to ensure athletes are signposted to relevant wellbeing support services.

Performance Planning and Administration:

Create, in association with URA and other relevant groups/individuals, a comprehensive, quality assured, relevant and achievable Performance Rowing Plan (coaching, conditioning, support services, competitions, training camps, performance culture) which outlines the steps needed to deliver a high-performance rowing culture within the universities to produce top level rowing performance for University students, and monitor and evaluate.

  • Develop and uphold administrative/financial procedures to underpin the smooth, efficient and secure operation of the URA Programme, and in compliance with agreed targets, financial controls, policies and procedures.
  • Planning own work schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) to ensure primary responsibilities are carried out to the agreed standard, timescale and budget – refer significant business difficulties/conflicts to line manager.
  • In conjunction with URA officials, ensure that the equipment inventory is maintained and developed to a suitably high level to ensure optimal performance and advice on the asset replacement scheme. Ensure Health and Safety regulations are upheld by liaising with appropriate personnel identified within Robert Gordon University and University of Aberdeen.

Advocacy and Representation:

Promote the URA Programme: In-house (AU/RGU), locally (mainly schools and other rowing clubs) and with national organisations (Scottish Rowing/British Rowing, sportscotland institute of sport) and portray a positive and professional image at all times.

  • Participate in in-house meetings/forums (routine and ad hoc) set up to develop the scope/standing of the URA Programme.
  • Always portray a positive and professional image of the work of both universities and Scottish Rowing.
  • To liaise with the relevant officials from Scottish Rowing in order to keep abreast of national and international performance strategies.

Education & Mentoring:

To oversee, mentor, grow and support the coaching team in both University Boat Clubs to ensure that high quality coaching is being delivered at all levels with the aim of providing a pathway for talented athletes into the URA Programme.

  • To be the main point of contact for the Grampian Institute of Sport (GIS) in respect of all supported rowing athletes and to work with the GIS practitioners to support their individual programme.
  • To provide advice and support to coaches within the region currently working with or aspiring to work with athletes on the performance pathway.
  • To educate athletes and their coaches within the region on all aspects of the GB trailing process.
  • Club captain guidance – i.e. training programme assistance. Work with the URA student committees to provide guidance in training programmes and squad management techniques that they can then implement themselves in their respective squads.

Resource Management:

To work closely with the professional staff and student committees at both universities to ensure that the equipment inventory and others essential resources (e.g. transport, facility bookings, etc) are in place to support the aims and objectives of the URA Programme.


Behaviour 1: Service Delivery
Experience of exploring and adapting a service to meet customers’ expectations and also identifying ways of improving standards.

Behaviour 2: Communication
Ability to receive, understand and convey both straightforward information, and information requiring careful explanation, in a clear and accurate manner.

Behaviour 3: Decision Making Processes and Outcomes
Experience of: using own judgement to make decisions; making collaborative decisions with others to reach conclusions; providing advice or information that will influence the decisions of others.

Behaviour 4: Teaching and Learning Support
Experience of: providing standard information or delivering teaching or training; designing content or learning materials within existing frameworks.

This role summary reflects the key duties and responsibilities of the post at time of writing. It is not an exhaustive list of all detailed duties. Applicants should be aware that over a period of time, and as circumstances change, these duties and responsibilities may be required to change. It is therefore anticipated that from time to time the job description may be reviewed in consultation with the post holder.

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Applications close 11pm on 31st October 2021.

Click here to download a PDF job description. If you have any questions regarding this role, please contact Jordan Moore (President of Sport & Physical Activity) by emailing


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