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On Monday the 17th of Octobe  we are hosting our introductory meet and greet session. Come along to N118 (down the stairs next to N242) in the Sir Ian Wood Building/RSE for 5:15pm to find out a bit about the society, the new committee and what we have planned for the coming year.

**There will also be free pizza from Papa John's**

Membership is great for putting on your CV and talking about in interviews, we'll also give you plenty of ideas for CPD entries. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a years' membership for £5 at the event.

We hope to see lots of you there, feel free to invite friends and flatmates etc - we welcome members from any course!

To anyone who can't manage, we have included some information below about IHI and the society, along with our plans for the year, roles available, and how to get in touch with us.

IHI is the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, focused on patient safety and improving the health and care of patients worldwide. IHI has an "Open School", with groups called Chapters, these work with countries, regions, organisations, and individuals to build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest most reliable care across the continuum. IHI open school is committed to developing students, the next generation of improves, through free online courses and an international network of chapter. They provide a wealth of free content through their website, and their audio program, WIHI, and the IHI open school app.
The range of online courses in patient safety, improvement, capability, quality, cost, value, patient- and family- centred care and leadership.

When you engage with the Open School's online education, local Chapters and guided improvement projects, you join more than 400,000 inter-professional learners from universities, organisations and health systems around the world in building core skills in improvement, safety, system design and leadership.

Our Chapter intends to run a number of events this year to help you learn and understand patients as a whole, and include situations that any healthcare professionals may experience in practice - this is where your CPD's can come in!.

As well as our meet and greet, all events will include FREE pizza and most events will be followed by an optional social evening at Bridge Street Social Club to meet students from other years and health professions.

Below is information about the vacancies available for anyone interested in taking a bigger role in the society.

Social media coordinator: You will be responsible for managing our Facebook and Twitter pages, keeping members up to date with our events, and sharing interesting and relevant articles, information and competitions. Great for anyone who loves finding innovative ways to get people involved with social media.

PR officer: You will be responsible for publicising our events to all healthcare students, collecting event feedback, generating prizes/donations for our charity fundraising events, and raising awareness of the society by notifying press and university publications of our events. Great for developing communication skills!

Events coordinator: You will be responsible for arranging and running post event social gatherings at Bridge Street Social Club, and ensuring that rooms are booked for events held on campus. A great role if you are outgoing, and love connecting with people from different years/disciplines.

We are also looking for ways to involve as many professions as possible so we are looking for ??representatives from any and all healthcare professions. This would be a small role where you will be responsible for letting your course know when events are being held and encouraging them to attend. As we are currently all pharmacy students on the committee we'd really appreciate the opinions of those from other professions.

If you are interested in applying for any of these roles please send us a message or email us with a short paragraph about why you want to take on the role and why you think you'd be suited to it. We have set a deadline of 5pm on Monday 24th October, so please get in touch before then if you want to be considered!

Please remember to like our Facebook page (RGU IHI Chapter) for the latest updates on our events, and join the events as they are advertised to enable us to estimate how much pizza to order!

Hope to see everyone at our future events, if you have anything that you'd really like to see from us, please get in touch, we are always open to suggestions!


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