Mental health Workshop

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"To be healthy as a whole, mental wellness plays a role"

We are hosting a 2 hour workshop on Tuesday 10/03/15 (5pm-7pm) raising awareness around mental health beginning with the concept that, like physical health, everyone has mental health that is just as important and we all have a responsibility to look after our own mental health. Participants then explore things in their life which cause stress/anxiety. They are then asked to identify symptoms of anxiety they may experience or see in others. The second part of the workshop will explore the steps we can take to promote good mental health. It fits into the new move towards social prescribing where patients are given alternatives to prescribed medicines wherever possible.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a MEMBER ONLY event but you have the opportunity to sign up as a member during REFRESHERS FAYRE (THURS 05/02/2015, 11am-2pm) or just before the event itself. Membership costs £5 and lasts until the end of the semester.

For advice and information on mental health:



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