President: Laura Bell

The Mooting Society is a Student led society for the enhancement of legal knowledge and teaching of advocacy. We hold a number of workshops, competitions and socials each semester.

If you would like to get involved email President Laura Bell at or sign up at the Union.

Membership is £5

For more information folluw us on Twitter @RGUMOOT, on Facebook at RGU MOOT, and on Instagram @RGUMoot


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Aberdeen students strike for the climate

On Friday protestors, including RGU students, stood outside Marshall College to demand action on climate change in collaboration with the Global Climate Strike Movement.

The Mueller Report: What it Said, and What it Didn’t

A couple weeks ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his report on President Trump’s ties with Russia and obstruction of justice.

First All-Female Spacewalk Cancelled Over Lack of Spacesuits

NASA confirmed plans for the first all-female spacewalk in history was thrown out due to sizing issues of a second space suit.

Speak Up, Speak Out

In school Jasmine used art as a form of escapism. In order to avoid the thrashings from her toxic girlfriend. Jasmine says: “She wasn’t allowed in the art department because she didn’t take the subject. She couldn’t stop me from going there, it was about all she couldn’t stop me from doing.”