Go Green's Achievements



Motions at the Union's AGM

All of our 3 motions passed at the AGM. This means from now on Union staff will be working on achieving our suggestions to make RGU a more sustainable and environmentally place. Our motions are the following:

  1. Increase Climate Literacy

  2. Set up a Student Climate Assembly

  3. Call out a Climate Emergency


Climate Action Network (CAN)

Go Green's new sub-group CAN was found. The network's aim is to improve the climate literacy of all students and teaching staff. Additionally, we want to work with the university on all levels to improve the sustainability content of all departments and curricula.




BikePad re-launch

This academic year, we are very happy to have re-launched our bicycle hire and workshop called BikePad. The project was originally found in 2017/18 but unfortunately had collaped due to a lack of volunteers the following year. Thanks to some very engaged students we are back now! Located in Woolmanhill Flat 31, we have a new venue to fix donated bikes, service the ones you bring yourself and hire bicycles out to students. As a result, we reduce waste by repairing old bikes and save CO2 by offering students an eco-friendly alternative to taking the bus or car.




In April 2018, Go Green was fully taken over by students. From then on we are officially a 'student group'. This means we are a group of students who decide to spend their free-time volunteering in our various roles to keep Go Green running over the years.


Kaim Shop

Thanks to the Scottish Governments Climate Challenge Fund, Revolve (now called Kaim Shop) kicked off promoting and establishing a more circular economy on campus and in the community in 2017. We established a space allowing the community to learn new skills in repairing/repurposing, swap, borrow or take items that would normally have ended up in landfill. It is key in fighting climate change to learn about the impact of our societies current rate and style of consumption. The Kaim Cottage is our free-second hand shop for students where we happily take donations, hold workshops and more.




LivEco: Zero-Waste Café

In September 2016, Go Green has opened its doors for the first zero-waste café. Until 2020 (when the Covid-19 pandemic hit), thousands of free meals have been shared with students. We cooked vegetarian stews, curries, soups and many many other more exotic dishes from food that would have been ended up in landfills. This way we supported our partner organisation, Fareshare. But it's not just about the food – we have also debated, danced and watched films together. We have also partnered up with the Erasmus society to hold international food nights.




In 2014, Go Green was founded as a RGU:Union project fully led by staff. The group was supported by the government and received funding over a 4-year period to establish the project.