Frequently Asked Questions


“What do I do if I need…an extension on a coursework deadline?”

You can submit a Coursework Extension Request (the Coursework Extension Form can be found here). The form requires you to describe the extenuating circumstances that have caused you to require an extension, and to provide evidence of these circumstances.


"What do I do if I...want to appeal a mark for an assessment?"

You cannot appeal the mark awarded as this constitutes academic judgement and disagreement with an Assessment Board’s academic judgement is not a valid ground for appeal. Appeals can be made against the decision of the Assessment Board but only on specific grounds. All assessment results are provisional until they have been ratified by an Assessment Board.  In general, Assessment Boards for postgraduate students meet in early November, February and June and Assessment Boards for undergraduate students meet early-mid June and early September. You should be notified of your results in the following week, and you will have 10 working days from when you receive these results to submit an appeal. The Academic Regulation detailing the grounds for appeal can be accessed here and the Academic Appeal form can be found here, or by contacting the Student Advice Coordinator, who can also advise on completing the form.


“What do I do if...have been accused of misconduct?”

Your School will notify you if you are required to attend a misconduct hearing. The Union’s Student Advice Coordinator can advise on how to prepare for such a hearing.


“What do I do if…I’m ill before my exam?”

You should consider whether you are fit to sit the exam. If you undertake an assessment, you are declaring yourself fit to do so. If you do not consider yourself fit to do so, you should make a Deferral Request. The Deferral Request form can be found here. It should be submitted within 5 working days of the exam in question.


“What do I do if…I feel ill during my exam?”

If you feel too ill to continue with an exam, you should notify the exam invigilator, and specify why you feel unwell. If you did not complete your exam answers, you should submit a Deferral Request within 5 working days of the exam.


“Who should I contact if...I need money urgently?”

It may be possible for you to receive a Short-Term Emergency Loan. These are issued by the University and can be applied for by contacting the University’s Financial Aid Officer, either in person at their drop-in session or by emailing More information on the Emergency Loan and the times of the drop-in sessions can be found by going to this page and clicking on the category of student that describes you:


“What do I do if...I wish to make a complaint?”

If your complaint concerns a University matter, you should follow the University’s official complaints procedure. Stage 1 of this procedure involves directing your complaint, via email, phone call or in person, to an appropriate person in the department in question. If you are unhappy with the response you receive, a Stage 2 complaint can be submitted to

The Student Advice Coordinator can advise further on making a complaint, and more information about the complaints process can be found here:


“Where should I submit my Coursework Extension Request/Deferral Request/Academic Appeal/Suspension of Studies Request?”

When submitting any of the above forms, email the form and all accompanying documentary evidence from your RGU email account to your School’s designated email address, which can be found at


If you need impartial advice on any of the above matters or any other issue affecting you, you can speak to our Student Advice Coordinator, Stephen Fiddes. The Advice Coordinator can be contacted via email (, phone (01224 262294), or web chat (see the chat box in the bottom right of this page). Alternatively, you can visit him in person via appointment or by dropping in to the RGU:Union office.

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