Coming to RGU and leaving home for the first time can be one of the most daunting yet exciting journeys that you will ever have to embark on. It is an amazing chance to start living independently, to meet like-minded people and also to make friends for life. However, this step comes with a lot of questions that you may never have come across before:


Do I need a TV license? How much is a deposit? Is my landlord being fair?


Whether you are living at home with your parent/guardian(s), staying in halls or private accommodation or even just searching for a new place, then you can find lots of information about accommodation by clicking through the tabs up top. If you have any questions or problems which you can’t find an answer to, then contact the Advice and Support department and we will try to help you out. You should also start getting familiar with these support services which can provide you with compressive accommodation advice: the RGU Accommodation Services TeamResLife, NUS and Shelter.

The RGU Accommodation Services Team can help you with any queries you may have while you are staying in halls, and in conjunction with ResLife, they will support you if you have accommodation and related welfare issues. Outside of RGU, you have Shelter and the NUS Housing Pages which have a lot of useful information and articles on all things accommodation. Additionally, NUS has the Ready to Rent pages which have been created to help you develop both confidence when trying to source quality accommodation and knowledge about your rights as a renter; here is one of their house hunting videos to get you started:



Lastly, the Advice and Support department at RGU:Union will try to help you with any worries, concerns, and problems you have with your accommodation or at least point you in the right direction.



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*The Advice and Support department at RGU:Union offers free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of issues. Contact the department via email (, phone (01224 262266) or use the widget at the bottom right of the page. We also value your feedback on our service, to provide feedback please click here.