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UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 there will be certain factors to be taken into consderation. Please visit RGU Coronavirus Guidance and the latest Scottish Government guidelines for the more up-to-date information.

RGU has a lot of student accommodation options so if you are a student of RGU and you are considering staying in halls, then have a look at the RGU Student Accommodation website, where you can find pictures and video tours of the housing on offer.

RGU student halls are spread over multiple sites across the Aberdeen. Woolmanhill is in the city-centre, Garthdee Towers are on the RGU campus with Ramsay Development nearby, and Crathie Student Village is in the middle. If you are interested in staying RGU accommodation, below is a small summary of the sites but remember to visit RGU Student Accomodation for further information on site specifications, locations and prices.

Crathie Student Village

Crathie Student Village

Garthdee Towers

Garthdee Towers

Ramsay Development

Ramsay Development

Woolmanhill Flats

Woolmanhill Flats

  • Crathie Student Village

    Crathie Student Village is a lively site with communal flats housing between 5 and 8 students. Located midway between the city-centre and RGU campus, it is great for those wanting to reduce travel costs as everything is within walking distance. There is also free parking but it operates on a first come first served basis so you need to get in there quick as spaces are limited, and there are also external bike racks in the car park. The big draw of Crathie is its location as you are not too far from anything, including shops, bars, supermarkets and RGU campus.

  • Garthdee Towers

    Garthdee Towers, a 7-storey square tower and a 5-story round one, are the only on campus student accommodation available at RGU. The towers share around 50 bedrooms and the taller of the two towers has a lift for ease of access. Housed in communal flats of 4 or 5 students, the bedrooms are semi-ensuite and the flats themselves have two toilets for shared use. Both towers have a communal living room/lounge area on the top floor and there is a communal laundry room in the Square Tower. Due to location, the towers are in high demand but there are some drawbacks: local amenities are limited and it is quite a distance from the city centre. Parking on campus is possible but requires a permit. However, the No. 1 bus can be caught from campus and there is ample bike storage.

  • Ramsay Development

    Ramsay Development is exclusively for mature and postgraduate students. There are 28 ensuite bedrooms in communal flats of between 3 and 6 students. Each flat has an open plan communal kitchen and living room space, and, each flat has a washing machine. It is a 5-minute walk from campus but an hour walk to the city-centre. However, the No. 1 and 2 busses are accessible and there is a security-locked bike cage available if you cycle. Local amenities are limited but there is a huge Sainsbury's and an ASDA a 10-minute walk away.

  • Woolmanhill Flats

    Woolmanhill is great for socialising as it has a 735 rooms and it is right in the heart of the city-centre. The rooms are in communal flats, housing between 5 and 8 students, and they are in five-storey high blocks. The flats have a communal kitchen and a lounge, and most have two toilets and two shower rooms. There are ensuite rooms available but the flats they are in have no communal bathrooms. It's an hour walk to campus but most students living in Woolmanhill cycle or take the bus, which takes around 20-30 minutes. There is a car park but permits are required and there are also bike storage pods available. Due to its location, you'll have the pick of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and shops, and you'll never miss a student event!

RGU accommodation has 24/7 service: Got a leak – RGU will fix it asap! Need a bulb changed - they'll get on it! Need welfare support - ResLife have got you covered! The support and service available whilst staying in RGU accommodation is very comprehensive.

If you are considering staying in RGU accommodation and you need more information, check out the RGU website as it provides Site Information Sheets, which have FAQs, and it has the Conditions of Lease, which will be the legal document outlining the contractual agreement between the student and the University.

If you are weighing up the advantages and disadvantages between private accommodation and RGU accommodation, one important factor to consider is ResLife. They are a dedicated team of student welfare and advice professionals who will support you during your stay in RGU accommodation (and after you have left). They also host events throughout the year and most importantly, they provide out-of-hours cover for emergencies like fire, security, missing persons and health issues.

And if you are confused about tenancies, ResLife will be able to help you out. Remember, most private landlords operate under private residential tenancies but RGU and PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation) are likely to operate with short assured tenancies, which means they can continue to offer fixed-term lets to students which have a specified end-of-lease date. For further information on tenancies, visit Stevenson Marshall.

Contact RGU:Union Advice and Support via the below links or via the chat-widget on this page, and to provide feedback on the service, please complete the Advice & Support Survey.

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