RGU:Union’s Sustainability Initiative

RGU Go Green is the carbon reduction and sustainability initiative of the Robert Gordon University's Students’ Union (RGU:Union). We aim to raise awareness about environmental and sustainability topics, and provide students, staff and the local community with opportunities to communicate, train and volunteer in areas that empower them to look after the planet, and potentially inspire those interested to seek work in the environmental sector. RGU Go Green has received funds from the Scottish Government to help reduce CO2e emissions within the University community. The project continues to win supporters on a local, regional and governmental level.

Whether it's locally sourcing and distributing organic produce, the Bike Hire scheme or finding new and easy ways for the University to consider its environmental impact, the RGU Go Green office is always busy, with more ideas in the pipeline.

Check our the upcoming RGU Go Green and RGU Union events at www.rguunion.co.uk/whatson.

Volunteer with us

RGU Go Green is always looking for volunteers and participants for their ongoing and future projects as well as one-off activities. Contact the RGU Go Green team at RGU:Union for more information:

E-Mail: gogreen@rguunion.co.uk

Phone: 01224 262268

Office location: RGU:Union office, University Street, in the RGU Sport building. How to find us: https://goo.gl/maps/kUOVB


Our current projects:

Become part of our Waste and Water Team to tackle the issues below! If you are interested in being part of the Waste or Water Team and taking part in creative and fun volunteering opportunities then get in touch via the contacts above.

Waste and Recycling

Waste management is one of the biggest issues facing university campuses in this generation. With the sheer numbers of students now in further education, the demand for materials and infrastructure is gigantic. As well as on campus, residential areas have become important battlegrounds in the fight to reduce waste.

Sustainable Water Consumption

With a student body of over 16,000 people and staff numbers of an additional 1,400, in a university which features a fully equipped gym (including a swimming pool), the demand for water is enormous. Why not make use of the free, great tasting water we are so lucky to have here? RGU Go Green encourages you to avoid buying bottled water, and to instead make use of the numerous water fountains, and drinking-friendly taps, around campus. To make it even easier for you, we regularly hand out RGU Go Green-branded reusable water bottles.


Ongoing schemes from the previous funding period:

Bike Hire

As part of our cycle hire scheme, we are recruiting enthusiastic people to help support the maintenance and distribution of the bikes. You do not need to be experienced, we can also offer you free bike maintenance workshop to become a trained volunteer. Or maybe you would like to organise a cycle trip through the bonnie braes of Aberdeenshire? In any case, we would love to have you on board!

Veg Bag

Healthy, affordable, sustainably produced food for everyone? If you want to make this happen at RGU, volunteer with the Food Co-op! A Food Co-op is an alternative way of distributing food that is run by its members for its members. This means that no big corporations make profit from your shopping. It also means that its members shape how it works. There will be many tasks for every taste, from processing orders and transporting the goods to sorting fruit and veg into individual bags and manning the collection point. Or maybe come up with exciting new recipes to inspire others…?

Community Garden

Enjoy spending time outside? Passionate about the quality of your food? Then get involved with the RGU Community Garden! Plant, nurture, and harvest your own fruit and veg at our campus-adjacent allotment! Then use your produce for free, healthy, and delicious meals… Enjoy organising? How about picnics, potluck dinners, or cooking tutorials? It’s all up to you – the project is just starting, so you have the opportunity to shape how it all works. Whether you’re Aberdeen’s answer to Allan Titchmarsh or your experience is limited to growing mould in a dirty tea cup – you are all very welcome!


Get the latest RGU Go Green news:

• Newsletter: Send an email to gogreen@rguunion.co.uk to sign up

• Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/RGU-GoGreen/205614622979786

• Twitter: www.twitter.com/rgugogreen

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