RGU Go Green

RGU Go Green is the carbon reduction and sustainability initiative of the Robert Gordon University's Students’ Union (RGU:Union). We aim to raise awareness about environmental and sustainability topics, and provide students with opportunities to volunteer in areas that empower others to look after the planet. 
Go Green has received funds from the Scottish Government to help reduce CO2e emissions within the University community. 

Whether it's locally sourcing and distributing organic produce, the Bike Hire project or finding new and easy ways for the University to consider its environmental impact, the RGU Go Green office is always full of new ideas!.

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Volunteer with us!

RGU Go Green is always looking for volunteers and participants for their ongoing and future projects as well as one-off activities. Find out about our open roles here.

E-Mail gogreen@rguunion.co.uk for more information.


Our current projects

  • BikePad: Bike hire and free bike services (for students only)
  • Kaim Shop: On-campus second-hand shop (free for students) where you can donate or get clothes and household items
  • VegBag: Provides organic, healthy and affordable fruit and vegetables to students
  • LivEco Café: Zero-waste dinner


The latest RGU Go Green news:

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