LivEco Café

The first zero waste café in Aberdeen

Whether it is for fuel or pleasure no one can deny that food is an essential part of everyone's daily experience.

Through the LivEco Café you will find volunteers cooking up a feast every Friday at Ruthrieston Community Centre (532-536 Holburn St, AB10 7LL). If you would enjoy a bowl of hearty, vegan, fair-made delicacies from a mixture of foods that come without plastic wrappings and those that would otherwise be heading to landfill, look out on our Facebook page for regular events, come along and pay as you feel.

Alongside the low carbon food, the café works with other societies to programme a mixture of events each evening from film screenings to 'how to' workshops, providing visitors and volunteers with educational and entertaining expereiences!


Get involved!

The café could also be a platform for your event or society - if you would like to organise and evening programme with ethical and sustainable values as a given, get in touch!
Beyond this, if you fancy getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, the LivEco team is always looking for new volunteers, so drop them a line and see when you can start chopping.

For information on the project or volunteering, get in touch with us at: