Welfare Products

Please note that due to the winter break and current lockdown restrictions delivery lead times may be longer than usual. For more information, please contact hello@rguunion.co.uk before ordering.

RGU:Union has a range of free welfare products to ensure that students have the necessary items to be safe, secure and supported throughout their time at RGU.

All products can be ordered online of picked up from the RGU:Union office on campus.

If you have any questions about the products listed, or if you would like to pick some items up in person, please email hello@rguunion.co.uk.

Sanitary Products

It is estimated that the average woman spends around £13 a month on period products which is a huge outlay when you have a low income and levels of period poverty have surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

In collaboration with RGU’s Department of Estates and Property Services, RGU:Union have been able to utilise a Scottish Government scheme to ensure RGU Students have increased access to sanitary products, which can be delivered to any home (UK) address, free of charge.

For more information on the Union's free sanitary product scheme, please email periodpoverty@rguunion.co.uk.

NOTICE: Only 2 of each product can be dispatched per order.

Please note that these products are dispatched every Monday, with Sunday at 11:59pm being the deadline to order.

Personal Safety Products

RGU:Union currently offers Personal Safety Alarms, CYD Spiked Drink Tests and Anti-Spiking Caps.

Personal Safety Alarms (Panic Alarms) can be used by the owner, in instances when they are feeling unsafe or at risk, to alert others. They set off a very loud sound to alert others of your concerns and are in a portable keychain design - perfect to be kept alongside a set of house keys or car keys.

CYD Spiked Drink Tests can be used to test drinks for traces of illicit substances. The tests work by dabbing a finger/straw/stirrer into a drink, putting a drop of liquid onto a test patch and checking for a colour change.

Rape Crisis Grampian have supplied the Union with Anti-Spiking Caps which seal bottles to prevent pills and illicit substances being slipped into a drink. They still allow for use of a straw, and they are brightly coloured and glow under UV light.

NOTICE: Only 1 of each product (Personal Safety Alarm & CYD Spiked Drink Test) can be dispatched per order. Anti-Spiking Caps will be dispatched in batches of 5 per order. 

Please note that these products are dispatched every Monday, with Sunday at 11:59pm being the deadline to order.

Contraceptive Products

The first step to safe sex is protection and RGU:Union wants to make sure all students are safe and protected! We provide a discreet contraception service for all genders and we have a range of condom sizes, as well as femidoms and lube.

RGU:Union provides contraceptive products free of charge.

Please note that these products are dispatched every Monday, with Sunday at 11:59pm being the deadline to order.

Contact RGU:Union Advice & Support via the below links or via the chat-widget on this page. If you wish to help improve our service, provide feedback by completing our questionnaire.


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This page has been updated for academic session 2021-2022.

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